Tina Lane

Well that's very restricting... I am more than a quote.


I am a British visual artist whose interdisciplinary art practice incorporates installation, sculpture, photography, media and performance. My projects develop site responsively, in collaboration and dialogue with people, places and psychology.

I graduated from Southampton Solent University with a BA (Hons) First in Fine Art, where I was selected for the CVAN SE Platform Graduate Award by Aspex Gallery and Solent Showcase Gallery for Best of Degree Shows in 2015. After which I travelled to India and Japan on residencies. I completed my MA in Fine Art with Distinction in 2018 at Winchester School of Art.

My practice at this present time is concerned with human relationships, identity, memory and death. I try to use my art to confront the ambiguity of fitting into existing systems and patterns of thought, not necessarily to resolve them. It's tapping in to a primal need to communicate non-verbally and to express myself visually through making the work as inclusive and interactive as possible where language is not a barrier. Visualising the inarticulate minds working through material and performative processes evidences this examination of the 'gut feeling' or 'instinct' and allows for fluidity in creativeness.


Louise Bourgeois, Eva Hesse, Miro, Helen Frankethaler, Perle Fine, John Hoyland, Sophie Calle, The Baroness

Tina Lane

The artist at work

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