Tina Lane


More experimental play using my own photography and drawing over it to create a series of frames to animate. (I accidentally wrote TinLane and thought ok sounds good to me).

Experimenting with the medium through play. Today was lowering and raising the pitch on my own voice then adding it to the short. The photography is my own, I decided on a panoramic view for the width then using my finger on a laptop drew over the image creating a series of frames to animate. 

Just enjoying playing and experimenting with moving image, to avoid worry of license over sounds I use my own sound bank or record my own voice and distort it. 

A short moving image using my photography and finger drawing on the laptop mouse pad.  I have become more and more interested in moving image so this was a great opportunity to use images I already had for a project in a new direction. We use what we have available to us in lockdown. This I believe is one of my strengths, I adapt. I like many artists have been hit quite hard by the lockdown and with little in the way of money and resources it was up to me to find new ways to continue being creative. The added sounds are also from my own recordings.

It is a visual representation based on the theory by James Lovelock of Earth’s atmosphere as “a component part of the biosphere rather than as a mere environment for life” (J. E. Lovelock and L. Margulis Tellus, 1974). It starts slow, that was deliberate.

Of course most of my images are of Japan, specifically Tokyo. Actually I did consider should I use those and then thought actually it is perfect as a people they do have a greater understanding of working together as part of the whole than we in the west.

WSA MA Show, 2018. Being Human. Video Documentation

The first part of the video is just recording the sounds of the bars within the space prior to the completion of the installation. At this stage no lighting had been added. 

The second part, (1:16) is showing visitors engaging with the work when it was complete with the lighting effect. It was quite impromptu, so all I had was my phone to record on. They gave me permission to use it.

The Museum Of Categorisatium

A short guide to the museum introduced by curator Rachel Diddit. Fiming by John Bruce, Poetry in Motion

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