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Superb gallery, beautiful abstract !

Gipéhel Chauny, France | Jun 25, 2017

Well done for this universe "ink" fabulous expression and liberty gesture . I love . Best regards !

Jeannette Allary France | Jun 23, 2017

Hi Tina, I saw your miniature scuptures in a galery in Southampton. Fell in love with them

Mark Gowers United Kingdom | Jan 14, 2015

I like your art Tina. Keep up the good wok! :D

Rafael Esparza Mexico | Aug 9, 2014

hello , it's a very good work , i like +++ , thank you and happy new year for 2014

Lebreton-Hays France | Dec 26, 2013

Good work Tina!

Dave Smallman United States | May 2, 2012

nice artworks andn there is color of art in your eyes wich you the best

Mohamed Senouci In The Art_jazz Tighennif Palikao, Algeria | Aug 15, 2010

complimenti anche a te sei molto brava ciao

Oreste Polidori Dolceacqua, Italy | Nov 23, 2009

nice work.....,grt artwrk..

Mohit Kaushik India | Sep 20, 2009

Great work Tina. I especially like the mouth study and the dog portraits.

Ernie Redquest Canada | Jul 11, 2009

Wow great works Tina

Tim United Kingdom | Jul 3, 2009

thank you my dear artist tina for the comment that you added in my book. jean Ousama Cell : 00213 797 297 364

Ousama Bounouara Columbus Ohio, United States | Jan 14, 2009

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful

Doctorofmindmd United States | Nov 6, 2008

hi nice works

Mohamed Senouci In The Art_jazz Tighennif Palikao, Algeria | Feb 24, 2008

Hello Tina, I just discovered your work here on artmajeur and i realy apreciate what i saw ! Best wishes for the future Jacques.

Jacques Elduayen France | Jan 22, 2008

very nice work. see you on pp

Deneeda Canada | Nov 13, 2007

Hey bubbles mark here.I gave ye me word id come sign. Fair Winds & God Speed Kingcobra =~)

Kingcobra-Las Vegas United States | Jun 16, 2007

Hey i looked at your artwork and its great, keep on painting :P

Ben United Kingdom | Jun 16, 2007

Hello, here i've signed your guest book, the island needs you :P

Ben United Kingdom | Jun 16, 2007

Always loved this kind of art and im glad to see u r doing well with it . Keep up the good work Tina ;)

Raul Syria | Mar 27, 2007

Fantastic, Sphinx painting is so cool. You have a great talent there, keep up the good work. Rik

Ricardo United Kingdom | Mar 27, 2007

pretty amazing stuff, I wish I had talent like that.

Mike Mcfadgen Canada | Mar 24, 2007

bonjour douceur splendeur merveilles tout y est chantal

DUMONT | Nov 26, 2006

she is a stunnin artist and is so so stunnin!!

Rob Walley United Kingdom | Nov 19, 2006

tina! i want one for my room!

Mish United States | Nov 15, 2006

If i had an ounce of that talent!

Ronda United States | Nov 15, 2006

I like how all the brush strokes are continous, I'd make them go all wonky if I tried. lol. My favourite pieces have to be the sketches of the doggy!

Rhiannon | Nov 7, 2006

totally awsome art work love the use of colour

Jamie | Nov 6, 2006

I meant rendered!

Nyanda | Nov 1, 2006

We spoke on the Saatchi forum. Like I said beautifully rnedered images... Just set your Soul free!

Nyanda | Nov 1, 2006

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