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Manipulated Photography, The Memory Series.
26 artworks

All images in this gallery are photographs I have taken myself and manipulated the colour. They are the memory series, exaggerating how memory works where we only clearly remember that which got our attention, well speaking for myself of course.

Insta Images
22 artworks

I am out and about a lot and always taking photos of anything that grabs my interest, whether for reference or documentation. Here are some that I upload to my instagram. I do not have the latest phone, I use what I have, it's never about photographic precision but the feel.

Locked Down Collaborative Works: Ritchie and Lane
2 artworks

Locked down and isolated in my den I began the 'Memory Series', photographs I took in Tokyo, Japan 2019 of seemingly every day life. That's gone for the foreseeable future. COVID-19 happened. I began suddenly longing for these moments of normal life that I took as an observer. I began stripping the colour out of the images leaving only the highlights of my memories of that day, of that specific moment. This became important to me in my isolation. I am in the south of the UK working alone, a fri

University Studio Work
21 artworks

Works created on returning to university for an MA in Fine Art. This gallery contains not only work exhibited but development of works and experimentation of materials.

Latex Mania
9 artworks

I have so many works in latex I decided to give them their own gallery. Some are finished works, some are experimentation. All were created on my MA course. 2017-18

Artist Photo Books
7 artworks

With the many images I have from Tokyo it seemed the perfect opportunity to try making zines and books. I had in the past learnt book binding on my BA, but blank pages. So whilst at university for the MA I chose Experimental Publishing as one of my module options. My first books and zines.

Tokyo Nightwalks
25 artworks

Walks taken whilst in Tokyo at night, midnight and beyond, it moves into the realm of the uncanny as the images of suburban houses and buildings stand quiet and in sleep. Is this really the busiest place on the planet? It is by definition one of the safest and it was such a joy to feel that freedom as a woman alone. I have been mapping where I wander in Tokyo in the small hours of the night, and documenting with photos. I use the word ‘wander’ as I do not plan my walks, just each night a new a

20 artworks

In Process

Washi, Washi and More Washi
28 artworks

A4 experimental prints on various washi paper from Japan

Moving Image Projects.
13 artworks

In this gallery I am uploading just a few stills from my moving image projects. Roughly 90 frames were drawn in total for Gaia, all of which can be used as stand alone works. Here are just a few of them along with a few stills from other moving image projects

Mark Making with a Japanese Influence
12 artworks

Japanese calligraphy is amazing, I love to watch it being created. So this album is works influenced by my time in Japan using traditional Japanese materials such as sumi ink and washi paper. Many of the smaller works are on exhibition 'Submit.Exhibit' at Marketplace Studios, Stockport, UK until the 30th June 2017.

Colour, Shapes, Light and Shadow of Tokyo
23 artworks

Part of a documentation photo journal created whilst on my residency in Japan. Without a dedicated studio space I adapted and took many walks capturing the wonderful architecture of Tokyo with my camera. It became a daily/nightly routine to wander. It is so incredibly safe I had no fears whilst wandering alone at night. A rarity for a female to feel. I am trying to organise the photos into specific genres, the night walking, the pure shape and colour, the architecture. It may take a while.

Time to Reflect
10 artworks

Just a few images I took whilst at the Tokyo Observation Deck at the Mori Museum, Roppongi Hills.

John Hansard Playground
4 artworks

For four days in July 2016, artists, creatives and practitioners were invited to experiment within the space and develop their practice in potentially new and varied directions through collaboration and artist-led activity. The John Hansard Gallery was a test space for new ideas as a group of artists came together to consider the question ‘How can play help us to explore individual and collaborative practice?’ Participating artists include: Letty Clarke, Jonathan Kelham, Alys Scott-Hawkins, Tina

The Djinn and their Vessels
30 artworks

It is said the Djinn live in the shadows and light between this world and the next..the flame with no smoke.The Vessel is fluid to the movement of the Djinn, it's surface becoming unique to the entity's ebb and flow. A symbiotic entanglement enhancing each other.

Residency Final Images, Poovar, Kerala, India
13 artworks

Photographs taken of local people.

Residency in Poovar, India
9 artworks

I and 2 other artists Giuseppe Buzzotta and Francesca Fontana from Italy took part in 6 week residency in the southern state of Kerala India where we shared a studio. I had decided to take the minimum of materials with me so I could source there. Our works were all quite different but bonded well, Giuseppe a painter and Francesco making an installation. My final pieces were photos. Yes quite unlike me but felt they were best suited at that time, in that space, which is like me. Not only is proce

The Museum of Categorisatium.
28 artworks

The Museum of Catergorisation is primarily about fun; the underlying theme is a take on the formal image that is often given to fine art. So as an artist I wanted to allow the viewer into my world, which is far from formal. As a maker I take great pleasure in creating my sculptures, the inarticulate structures that allow the viewer to see what they want to see and question what is an object of desire and is it actually tangible. I often retro relate meanings to my works, but feel to exact this

25 artworks


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