Tina Lane


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Minumental Sculpture.
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Small sculptures in their own right. Not a miniature of a larger thing, or a maquette. These became as part of the process in thinking: 'what is an object of desire'. They are absolute non sense, they have no meaning other than to lead the viewer into their own imagination. My imagination as a child was wonderful place, and that is where all these are coming from, I escaped into my mind.

In Alternate Dimensions the Reality that is Tina Lane
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Who am I? Who would I be had I not taken the routes that I have? In conjunction with my work on connections and the line, like the red line of fate this work which has been ongoing for a very long time explores aspects of my personality. Who is Tina Lane? I have several works of personal discovery, was not sure why I was creating them but in keeping with my ideal of working via the inarticulate mind they happened. Many of these works had a central theme of being yonic, as well as phallic. 'The...

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I am not a photographer, but use the camera to document. I am never without it. In this gallery it is just photos I like.

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My photos.
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