Tina Lane

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Added Apr 17, 2017

PLATFORM review, by Kia Charalampous 22 October 2015

Aspex’s latest exhibition is a chase of contradictions.
The Platform Graduate Award 2015 profiles new emerging talents from universities of the South East region, and the selected participants have created a collective and daring exhibition.

Tina Lane’s structures seem to be sprouting out of the wall, fragile and ethereal, like sensations found at the edge of consciousness. Do not blink while observing these. By the time you open your eyes they might be gone, or worse, shattered into a million pieces. Twelve consecutive attempts to capture the movement of a flame, or the sunray inside a cloud, or the blinking of a water drop as it jumps above the lake.

Participating Artists: Paul Benham, Holly Child, Ejaz Christilano, Lina Ivanova, Julia Keenan, Joanne Key, Nathan Klein, Tina Lane, Amelia Marsh, Gemma McGrath, Emma McKinney, Jasmine O’Hare, Cathryn Quail,


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