Tina Lane

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Added Mar 19, 2019

Ten Days of Art with Murze Magazine

in-a-tidal-wave-of-plastic-tina-lane-day-one.jpgIn a Tidal Wave of Plastic 2019

Ten Days of Art   |  Online Artist Residency  1st-10th March. Murze is delighted to be hosting 14 talented artists across our platform, these artists have taken part in our Ten day Artist residency. 


Rhonda Barrett,   Laura Keeling,   Joanna Collins,   Gosia Tomczuk,   Tina Lane,   

Elise Vincent,   Cheryl Votzmeyer,   Shaun Cochran,   Andrew Frausto,   Natalie Richard,  

Iliana Theodoropoulou,   Tara Taheri,   Jessie Martin,   Xiaobi Pan,   Jen hours



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