Tina Lane

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Added Mar 19, 2019

A Dream of a Concrete Boat

The retelling of the story of the concrete boat; a tale inspired by a sleepless night and an accidental object.
An immersive experience, experimental installation and performance exploring layers of confusion and belonging through sound, light and objects.

dsc-1523.jpg                                                         Xiao Xiao on Set

This is a piece devised by Rochyne Delaney McNulty, an MA performance design student at the University of Leeds, in collaboration with Jonathan Parker (hoppla creative and Inkwell arts) and with much help from the technicians from stage@leeds.

The piece is story, and originally an object and promenade performance, through experiences with technology and live performance it has developed it into a sound installation with interactive live elements. It requires you to listen, interact and make choices. 


Ekaterina Chokova
Xiao Xiao
Lu Li
Lily Ann Procella
Pedro Sánchez Cervera
Tina Lane 


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